[SUB]Lotus puff pastry, a traditional Chinese pastry. beautiful as oil painting with jelly swan lake

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It's the season of lotus blooming again. Today I present to you a Chinese classic lotus cake combined with my arrangement, presenting the beauty of the lotus pond like a miniature painting. Calm lake, dripping waves, a little swan shuttles among the blooming lotus flowers. I hope this pastry with a beautiful appearance can bring you a happy mood. I hope you will like my work.
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For 12 lotus cakes.
The filling part:
egg yolk 2pz
Shredded Coconut 75g
powdered sugar 20g
Butter 25g

Pink oily skin:
water 60g
lard 20g
150g flour
15g sugar
red food coloring

flour 80g
lard 45g
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