Holiday Chocolate Bonbon Design | Edible Gold and Silver Stamp Technique

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Chocolate Bonbon Design | Edible Gold and Silver Stamp Technique 👩🏼‍🍳✨ I am excited to show you guys this really simple stamp technique today! It is so easy, but also makes for some really cute chocolate bonbons. Using good quality edible lusters dusts like gold and silver, this decoration is easy to make any plain bonbon look super festive really quick. Enjoy!
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Supplies specific to this video:
▪ Jenna Rae Cakes edible dazzle dust (use code Brittnee20 for 20% off until 12/3/23):
▪ acrylic stamp blocks:
▪ silicone holiday variety stamps:
▪ silicone snowflake stamp:
▪ pine tree rubber stamp:
▪ Chef Rubber retro red cocoa butter:
▪ Chef Rubber jade green cocoa butter:
▪ Chef Rubber cardinal red cocoa butter (also a great choice):

Supplies for general chocolate work:
▪ ThermaPen ONE digital thermometer:
▪ Callebaut white chocolate:
▪ Callebaut milk chocolate:
▪ Callebaut dark chocolate:
▪ Callebaut caramel chocolate:
▪ cocoa butter:
▪ chocolate scraper:
▪ mini room thermometers:
▪ mini straight metal spatulas:
▪ 16 oz restaurant cups with lid:
▪ parchment paper sheets:
▪ food-safe gloves:
▪ 12" disposable piping bags:
▪ bag clips:
▪ mini high heat spatulas:
▪ high heat spatula:
▪ stick blender:
▪ heat gun:
▪ Martellato 13 lb Digital Chocolate Melter:
▪ Martellato 13 lb Analogue Chocolate Melter:

Supplies for airbrushing techniques:
▪ Grex Tritium.TG 0.7mm airbrush kit:
▪ Grex airbrush holder:
▪ 3M respirator mask:
▪ 3M respirator mask particulate filters:
▪ CakeSafe professional master spray booth (use code BRITTNEEKAY for 10% off):
▪ Chocolate mold stand / easel:

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Video Chapters:
0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Supplies
2:11 - Airbrushing the Molds
4:17 - Shelling, Filling, and Capping
6:30 - Unmolding
7:08 - Stamp Technique
12:39 - Fin!

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