"CHOCOLATE CREAM CAKE" that melts in your mouth

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Hello everyone!
Chocolate cake that makes you want to eat it when it's cold
To be honest, I've never had a chocolate cream cake that I really liked.
“This year, I will definitely make a moist, soft, moderately sweet and rich chocolate cake!
I thought it was, and it's finally done!
The softness that melts in your mouth, the rich taste, and the moderate bitterness and milky taste!
Make sure to refrigerate for a day before eating

✔Ingredients for 15cm Cake
➡ chocolate sponge cake
(room temperature) 3 eggs (large egg)
30g sugar (yolk)
1 g of salt
7 g honey
2g vanilla paste (optional)
50-55g Sugar (white)
70g Cake flour
18g cocoa powder
30g Milk
20g Butter

➡ Rum Syrup
45 g of water
30 g sugar
6-7g Gold Rum

➡ Chocolate Cream
110g whipped cream
70g Dark couverture
40g Milk couverture
220g whipped cream

➡ Mascarpone Cream (for decoration)
80g fresh cream
14g mascarpone
10 g sugar

✔I made unsweetened chocolate genoise to apply plenty of rum syrup, so do not reduce the amount of sugar. If you are having trouble with the separate method, you can refer to this video    • [Recipe] "얼그레이 초코 생크림케이크" 만들기. 입에서 샤르...   and try making it. I think this way is easier.
✔ I used the 66% cacao for dark chocolate and 34.5% cacao for milk chocolate. Different cocoa content causes different sugar content.
✔Recommended refrigerated storage up to 3 days
✔Please refer to the oven temperature only, and find a suitable temperature for each oven.


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